The Eric B. Alspaugh, APC advises and assists individuals and businesses on the development, use, and protection of intellectual property – which includes ideas, artistic creations, engineering processes, scientific inventions, and ideas.

Our practice also handles infringement cases, involving the unauthorized use and misuse of copyrights, patents, and trademarks.

If you need an expert copyright, patent or trademark infringement lawyer contact Eric B. Alspaugh, APC today!

Patent Protection

Patent protection designed to attain industry-leading status. Patent infringement opinions, patent application and patent valuation.

Trademark Lawyer

We routinely handle trademark issues that are fundamental to our clients’ success. Register trademark, trademark searches, register your name.

Copyright Attorney

Alspaugh Law educates clients on the synergy between copyright protection, patents, trademarks, and protects their works of authorship.

Corporate Services

Alspaugh Law provides general counsel corporate services involving contracts, licensing, insurance-risk mitigation, property and lease practices, business formation and litigation management.


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