Protecting Your Intellectual Property - Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Corporate Licensing Agreements

Eric B. Alspaugh, APC specializes in intellectual property law serving Orange County and all Southern California. The firm’s philosophy and mission are straightforward and client focused:

“Give fast-growth and small to mid-size businesses access to cost-effective general counsel services.

We are committed to help businesses chart their growth and mitigate the risks associated with success.”

If you need to know how to protect intellectual property, how to get a patent, how to register a trademark, how to insure copyright protection or create a corporate licensing agreement, Alspaugh consults with clients on all aspects of the process throughout every phase of the intellectual property life cycle, covering the following:


Eric B. Alspaugh, APC assists clients in obtaining patent protection on a broad scale, both domestically and internationally. A patent portfolio of broad patents can rocket emerging companies into leadership positions in industry. It can also provide established companies great

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Eric B. Alspaugh, APC recognizes the value of a business’ presence in their industry and the need of creating and maintaining goodwill and brand awareness to commercial success in all industries. We routinely handle registering a trademark, trademark searches, trademarking

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Eric B. Alspaugh, APC knows that the copyright is often the cornerstone of a successful intellectual property portfolio.  We help clients protect their works from infringement. We regularly assist clients in protecting their work.  These rights cover such things as

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Eric B. Alspaugh, APC provides general counsel corporate services involving contracts, licensing, insurance-risk mitigation, property and lease practices, business formation and litigation consulting &management. We understand the important business perspectives essential to evaluating intellectual property opportunities, both domestically and internationally.

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