Eric B. Alspaugh, APC knows that the copyright is often the cornerstone of a successful intellectual property portfolio.  We help clients protect their works from infringement.

We regularly assist clients in protecting their work.  These rights cover such things as broadcast and public performance, copying, adapting, issuing, renting and lending copies to the public. Mr. Alspaugh educates clients on the synergy between copyright protection, patents and trademarks.

International conventions give protection in most countries, subject to national laws.

Types of work protected by Copyrights:

  • Literary song lyrics, manuscripts, manuals, computer programs, commercial documents, leaflets, newsletters & articles etc.
  • Dramatic plays, dance, etc.
  • Musical recordings and score
  • Artistic photos, painting, sculptures, architecture, technical drawings/diagrams, maps, logos
  • Typographical arrangement of published editions magazines, periodicals, etc.
  • Sound recording may be recordings of other copyright works, e.g. musical and literary
  • Films broadcasts and cable programs
  • The Copyright (Computer Programs) Regulations 1992 extended the rules covering literary works to include computer programs

In addition, we educate our clients on how copyright protection works together with other forms of intellectual property protection, such as patents and trademarks.

A complete range of copyright services offered by Eric B. Alspaugh, APC includes:

  • Copyright application
  • Copyright infringement opinions
  • Copyright infringement litigation
  • Copyright licensing
  • Copyright due diligence reports
  • Purchase and sale of copyright
  • Acquire and perfect security interests in copyrights
  • Copyright portfolio management

If you have a question for a copyright attorney contact Eric B. Alspaugh today at (888) 868-2969 today.


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