Creative Funding Website

Creative Funding Website

I recently ran across an interesting website  When I forwarded the link to small list of friends, coleagues, and clients I got lots of positive feedback.  One example came from a long time friend, Frederick Jeng, Esq., where his friend had a successful funding here

I look forward to following this crowd sourcing for raising capital.  I think that the biggest impact will be in the creative arts.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that many really capital intensive technologies will receive funding through crowd sourcing, but I have been wrong before.  There may be a sweet spot for relatively inexpensive technology raises through crowd sourcing.  Software application devlopers and social networking websites could really benefit from crowd sourced capital raises.

My biggest concern for folks going on to raise capital for technology is the disclosure of confidential or proprietary information.  It is critical for innovators to think before they disclose.  Do you have your ideas protected?

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